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a great thing...susan took the girls today for the afternoon after our meeting. a treat for me. seth and i picked up eric so they could have the afternoon together. they had a blast. this allowed for me to complete and ready to ship the paper crafts projects. they are due friday. i am pushing the envelope a little. am a little unsure about the love letters. let's hope they ship okay.
it was just so great to have a couple of hours to focus on them and not worry if the littler ones were being tended to. this happens so rarely, and so that was why it was such a treat. plus, the girls loved being with their friends. a great combination.

other things {not getting done}

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  1. Seems you are one busy woman. Thank you for visiting my blog. I decided to do that kit because I love those papers but I don't have a plan of making kits quite yet. We'll see how it goes with these. As soon as I have ETSY up I'll let you know. Thanks again.

  2. BTW... Guess what? You won my RAK. Please email me your address and I'll send you out your RAK. My email is
    Thanks again