creating a place for graduation


grad book planner

hello, DIY doormats!


Heidi Swapp DIY Doormat Ideas by Jamie Pate

diy doormats at the ready

how to use the Minc Surface Pad


Heidi Swapp Minc It Monday Surface Pad Tutorial by Jamie Pate

making tags with the Minc Machine

creating photo stacks in Storyline Chapters


How to Create Photo Stacks in Heidi Swapp Storyline Chapters Inserts

a look inside this Friends Storyline Insert

creating handmade with Art Walk


Creating Handmade with Heidi Swapp Art Walk Collection by Jamie Pate

make gifts with Art Walk Paper Line

how to create an adventure art walk mini album


Creating a Heidi Swapp Art Walk Adventure Mini Album by Jamie Pate

the versatility of the art walk collection

Family Chapters 2020 | Week 11


Documenting weekly in Heidi Swapp Storyline Chapters by Jamie Pate

why i document weekly