from this...


to this...

the table above was purchased from the clearance center at the broadway in chula vista 18 years ago...for $ served as our first kitchen table...
it has been sitting in our garage, as i had not the heart to get rid of it...but it looked pretty ratty...
so..i sanded, and sanded, and painted, and decoupaged...and voila...a project table. i was sort of looking to spend the bucks for a craft project table, you know the ones you can stand up at...i love those...but did not want to spend the moola on that right, i followed my mantra...'if it stand still, paint it!'. so that's what i did. now grant it...the deco part is a little rough. the paper is from cavalini and it's the paris post cards pattern...very cool...i had two sheets of that laying around and paper pieced it to the laminate top of the table. but i was a poor decopager for sure...oh well...i still love it and want to pull some of that blue out for the rest of my unpainted walls in my space.
continuing to build up 'my space' and it is slowly coming together. my daughter was thrilled that the sewing machine is now permantly out for her use at a whim...and i am happy for her.
stay tuned for more 'space' pics as the room comes together.

have a grand evening...


  1. I love what you did with the table...amazing and beautiful!

  2. I agree, the table looks great! Look forward to seeing more pics of your space! Also can't wait to see some "pages" you'll be scrapping soon ;o) And btw, my dh perked right up with he heard the music (Dancing Queen), lol.

  3. wow what a great idea to make something old and turning into something uber cool!love it great idea!now i will be looking for a table to redo!

  4. how cool is this table?!? so inspiring jamie!