woot woot


a little tip of my hat here. the new simply handmade is out and about in stores now, and i have a published item in that there sweet little edition. it's an altered denim yoke skirt i made for my daughter. it looks so great in the magazine. i'm a little beaming with pride...i just had to share.
be back tomorrow...


  1. Woo Hoo!! You go girl. I can;t wait to get my copy! Should be coming soon - will look for the project! Thanks for the blog love - your opinion means a lot to me - I think you are very talented! That was the inside of my card - you know me - I just never know when to stop! ;) Now - for LEO 12 - you mist and I will be lifting your LEO 11 because I love the clean design!!

  2. Congrats to You!
    The magazine looks great! I'll look for it for sure!