September Work In Progress


the wip september gallery is up and running over here. hope you get some time to check it out.
i wanted to share a few of my favorites, although by no means is this gathering from the gallery the only projects i liked. there is alot to love. to see them all a bit more up close and personal, go to the wip flickr site and check them out. and leave some love too, while your at it.


this photo in trish's 'stubborn' layout really sucked me in. isn't it just adorable. i like too the little bordering on each side of the photo, as well as her use of more than one journal spot.

tina what a great comparison layout tina put together for this layout. very sweet. not to mention the black and white photo is gorgeous. her use of that little imaginisce stamp fits in so well. very nice.

shelly shelly's layout uses alot of pattern and fun colors. it really adds to the title 'fun' and causes me to feel the fun of this pool time activity.

michelle o.k. for one, i saw these dresses on michelle's blog and they are absolutely adorable. and then she goes and uses these clothing elements to showcase her work. alot to love here.

lainai am sensing a trend here with what i enjoy about alot of these layouts, and here again the photo really grabbed me. and then she used that beautiful floral and bird patterned paper that really adds to the whole feel of her story.

janelle janelle always has a great way with the patterned papers and working them in with her focal photo. plus she made multiple use of the journal spots and labels. alot to like here.

oh! and look how emily used all those label such a perfect and fun way. a real open and clean layout, that says a whole lot.

this is one of mine that did not make the cut to the gallery, but it happens to be one of my current favorites. it is still up in sight in my studio. i loved that polka dot paper and the check zig zag border was so fun for me. but i wanted to keep the layout simple so that the expression of wonder and this sweet 8 year old would stand center stage.

tomorrow i hope to post some of the projects made from this kit. but you can go see them now if you wanna.
have a great day.


  1. Jamie, what a simple and yet beautiful LO. I just keep staring at it.

    And thanks for all of the inspiration these past few days. You have given me lots to think about!

  2. omg i love the dots and the white space and the zig zag is awesome!!!! i may have to lift that (if you don't mind??)

  3. Hi Jamie!

    Great use of negative space, totally let's the viewer embrace the sense of wonder! I've loved polka dots al my life!

    Thank you for your excitement and lovely comment!
    I'm very very touched!


  4. Love this post, Jamie!! Great idea, looking at your favs...

  5. Awesome post! :) And I love your last layout!