the december cold


winter has not yet arrived, but you would not know any better by the look and feel of things around here. it has made for a snuggly day here in the pate household. lots of reading and snuggling and tea drinking. making spirits bright and ready for the christmas season that is upon us.

this week brings me to a list of this and that on my schedule:
finishing christmas cards and printing photos for folks.
packaging gifts that are to be sent. friday should be a good day to get those out.
the kiddos have an impromptu christmas pageant on friday. there is no rehearsing. we just arrive, they are assigned their role, and an hour later they put on the most precious rendition of the baby Jesus' birth. it is fast becoming a sweet yearly tradition.
waiting for a few gifts to still arrive.
hope to get most of everything wrapped by weeks end.
oh! still have one more gift to order. i love to send friends magazine subscriptions...a simple gift they love.

i am sure there is more on my i have not even finished getting all of christmas out in the whole back room is empty and bare of christmas...have a potluck with friends tonight...a play our family is attending on wednesday...baking...oh, and generally being merry.

so, what is on your list this week?

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  1. Hi Jamie!
    My list resembles yours and same for the blanket of snow!