hello winter


it was a beauty of a first day of winter.
clear skies.
high of 57.
we are bracing for another storm this week.
perhaps a white christmas.

well, the gifts are wrapped.
stocking stuffers purchased.
groceries bought.
friday's meal planned.
friends and family invited for christmas dinner.
and tomorrow a day of baking.
ah! and sigh!
time to enjoy the festive part of the season.
and to reflect on the advent of our LORD.

today even made for time to get creative. seems it has been a long time. a bit behind in the december daily book...hoping to get that caught up tomorrow perhaps. i will post and share as that comes together.

a little sneak of what i am working on for january's work in progress gallery. can i tell you how great it was to get my mojo on today and work out some creative energy. alot of joy in that for me. especially after i have been away from it for a bit while focusing on other areas of life.

hoping you have time to slow down...
enjoy your family...
and worship and adore HIM.


  1. Absolutely Beautiful! It is truely time to enjoy the real reason for the season.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. You rock - love the sneak peeks! Miss you too - It's been a wild ride this December including a trip to Las Vegas for a week and a computer crash - New computer has arrived and I just got it up and running last night. All my favorite blogs are gone though - time to start a new list. PS - the pug is very generous buying her mama a new computer for Christmas. ;) Love your work!

  3. Love the sneak peaks! Have a great holiday.