to sew...
Having recently posted that I am ready to sew...these pics should be of no surprise. To work up to that Amy Butler project posted a few days ago, I am going to attempt this market bag found here at rosy little things.

How sweet it that? I figured I needed a primer before I started the bigger project. I'll let you know how it goes. JoAnn Fabrics just got some yummy new fabrics in...time to go steal some time and shop.

blue brush

So...then...in the spirit of all things sewable...what do I get in the mail on Tuesday?...

the March WIP main kit...

can you see all the sewing theme going on? I immediately set to playing...it was a good night. Stay tuned for some sneaks.

blue brush

So, have I told you I am feeling like me again? It sure makes a difference. One appreciates energy and focus so much more when one has recently had none! It's true. The question was asked while in my fog: "What fills you?" That was a hard question to hear. Because my answer at the time was Nothing. Nothing. That is how out of it I was feeling at the time. I could not even come up with what it is that indeed brings me fulfillment, and enables me to be renewed and ready to face the every day.
Looking back now...to then...I think I was too hard on myself and not allowing time to just be what I was::tired. We women, especially, have seasons in our lives in which we need to be better aware of what is going on with us. Not only for our own well being, but also to be able to communicate to our loved ones as well what is going on with us. I just kept feeling badly that I was, well...feeling badly. Instead of being better aware that what was going on with me physically, as well as emotionally+spiritually, was a temporary place. As are all seasons, they are temporary. This too shall pass.
Continuing in my theme of "all things are new", I will not look through the rear view mirror of my life and live in the past...but rather continue to move forward, as that is only where Life can be found.

So, what fills you up?


  1. So glad you are feeling better and have "turned that corner"...

    Thinking of you and always wishing we lived closer!! I would SO sew with ya!! :)

  2. Can't wait to see Jamie!
    Glad you're feeling good ;-)


  3. I too am waiting to see your tote with anticipation! I have a couple of sewing projects in mind and will join you "virtually" :) Glad to hear that you are out of the fog!