sweet beanie


when we last chatted (before the little mr. announcement) i was on the cusp of learning to crochet with my bestest crocheting friend ever.
and here is one of the projects completed. accept for the flower, it is indeed my first crocheted beanie ever. my bestest crocheting friend ever is also the most patient friend ever too...as she sat with me and practically held my hand while i learned this little craft. i am very thankful.
so are my girlies.
currently i have returned to my more enjoyable craft of sewing skirts for all my girlies for easter. these are well under way and i am most happy with them...
so off i go to continue my task.
will share them later.


  1. GORGEOUS Jamie!!!
    your D.d is sooooo sweet ;-)

  2. DARLING. That hat AND your sweet daughter. Love it!!

  3. Congrats on your accomplishment!!! I envy you to have such a helpful friend ;)