too busy


i have just been too busy...
well...sort of...
it's not been bad busy...
just daily life kind of busy.
in the middle of moving my studio to a downstairs room
finishing up our school year with the kiddos
planning vacation
even starting to plan next school year
more doctor's appointments (another ultra sound tomorrow).
you know...just stuff.
i would really like to chat about being 24 weeks...
that's right...6 months...
beginning the third trimester...
can you believe that?

how about a tutorial over at WIP?


  1. What a lovely way to display photos Jamie!!! Glad to hear that you and baby are doing well! Only 3 more months!!! :)

  2. Lovely project Jamie!
    These colors are so fresh, perfect with the gorgeous B & W portraits!

    Good Luck with everything!

  3. thank you so much jamie! as soon as i saw the tutorial, i was practicing on old file folders here at work!
    thank you so much!