is it possible...


1. …that May is half way over? It’s the December of spring, I am thinking. With concerts, and ceremonies, and teachers gifts and the like…it’s one event after another that one is never totally prepared for. Sort of like Christmas.

2. …that the little mr. is within 3 months of his due date? That I had many good intentions to document and journal this pregnancy so much better than I am currently doing, and yet it is coming to its end?

3. …that I am starting another term at Work In Progress? And that Trish has put together another amazing team of talent and craft? While I am not that in the know of Debbi Tehrani, I have seen Jing-Jing here and there and often in CK Magazine. She is amazingly talented and will bring so much inspiration and motivation to the team. Welcome ladies!

4. …that this guy here is graduating from 8th grade?

5. …and he is finding a love for the theatre and becoming such his own man that I am amazed daily? Truly!

6. …that I have not seen the sun for 3 days…oh I sure hope today it finds it’s face.

7. …that I was a winner this week over at Becky Novacek’s blog? She is an amazing woman of many talents and insights. I find her blog so very refreshing and as well as motivating. She is one of those photographers that make me say “I hope I can be like her when I grow up”. She has been working with ella publishing and just put out a cooperative book of portrait photography. She offered the e-book on her blog in a drawing…and she picked moi! Yeah me!

8. …that our family spring vacation is upon us and the house is brimming with excitement about heading to the Grand Canyon tomorrow!!! So thankful that it is just a day drive away. We all love road trips. The girlies have been collecting audio books, and crafts and games to do in the car. And today we wrap it up with actually getting packed up. I am sure we are all simply going to be amazed by this time together and the things we will see.

9. …that my time in studio has been so limited…but when I get a bit of quiet time I am so happy to create and write and organize….will leave you with what was accomplished this week….

o.k...there is another layout...but it has gone missing...will post later...

have a fabulous weekend!


  1. so happy for your blessings Jamie <3
    Love your L.Os and gorgeous portrait.
    Congrats on signing another term with WIP!
    Have a fabulous time, I bet the colors will be simply divine...

    {[ Hugs ]}

  2. It looks like many congratulations are in order!!!! Have a great time at the Grand Canyon!