prayer journal


prayer journal inside closeup
that's what happens daily around here.

and just this past spring i started a new thing. that is a 90-day journal of these deeper thoughts and findings of mine.

i have completed one 90-day book so far.
and i am reeling about how great a way it was to maintain this book daily...
to have a concise record of my heart as well as prayers answered and given.
it made it easier to keep track of family events or announcements. some fairly heedy situations occurred over this course of time. this was a wonderful way for me to record those events, and now i know what time frame they occurred...or else they just get mixed in with the everyday and i fail to remember.
does this resonate? is very necessary for me to have a creative edge about my book.
and this is what the next book looks like::

prayer journal cover
this is the cover using papers from an earlier wip kit.
as well as some package kit elements from belladrummer.
oh...and did you see that doily?

prayer journal close up
it's been spray painted...yep...can you hear me being giddy? i think i could be addicted to spray paint and art...time will tell with this weeks {inspire lovely} art class.

prayer journal inside cover
look familiar. done using wip's project kit. layered the bingo paper with vellum. allows for a great soft feel about this page. also distressed the letter stickers. oh! and the manila tag was done using a sizzix embossing folder...thanks to my sister's use of her tools i am really loving that look on that tag. needs spray paint, don't ya think?

prayer journal inside page
and just the inside of another page. because you know it would not be mine if there was not a butterfly to be found somewhere.

i am really loving these books.
the concise-ness of them.
the fun i can put into them creating something pretty.
a place to go every morning and be still.

i really love that.



  1. Absolutely LOVELY Jamie!
    Love the concept as well the fabulous cover!


  2. i love this idea...i need to implement this idea!