still {inspire lovely}


I continue to work on the assignments from {inspire lovely} class. One would think she might be dragging it out as she enjoys the process of these art prompts so very much. I have one last assignment to work on. It is all laid out and ready to go...for when I have a quiet and peaceful afternoon to work on it. Although my days are really numbered (we go to see the dr. tomorrow, and I just know he is going to talk worst fear...). So, even if it waits until after baby is born, that is fine. I will relish the thought in my mind until then.

{lesson4}inspire whimsy::
{lesson4}inspire whimsy pt1

ah! another one of my favorites. this highlights my new found love of spray paint, as well as water colors. this has prompted me to move towards those mediums like i have never done before. lovin' it.

{lesson5} inspire whimsy pt2
{lesson5} inspire whimsy pt2
i only wish i could get a better photo of my new color corner. a project i had my mind on for some time now, and this prompt forced me to stop what i was doing, and finish the project. one reason why these assignments were delayed into this week. but this was such a good thing. it makes me so happy to peek over at my pretty corner of lovely black and yellow...and smile.

{lesson6} layers
{lesson6} layers
two things here:: lovin' the tiny photo captures...will do this more I am sure...
and had fun with layers of fabric, paper, and lovely to my little soul.

and last but least is lesson7...but not today...

enjoy your friday!


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  2. what i meant to say was...hoping your little mr. arrives soon and that you won't be induced since that is not what you want...praying for you!

  3. Oh jamie, I wonder if we are not connected somehow artistically anyway for I have been feeling the wind of change and the call to dare more and most importantly to create while listening to the voice inside of me instead of following the others' ;-)

    What I mean to say is that your l.os are taking wings my friends, they're breathtaking and it's a marvelous process to witness especially when I totally "get" what you're talking about...

    I can't wait to have your opinion on my new stuff...unlike you, I never find the words to explain the process or the metamorphosis about my projects. ( maybe I don't want to find them ;-)

    I pray that Baby comes when he's ready, when you're ready and that everything happens in the most natural and profound way.