10 things


1. i just had to post today because i wanted to see today's date.
2. he is so stinkin' fun and adorable. don't know what i did to deserve him.

3. it actually feels like fall today. wind is a blowin'. leaves are a fallin'. temps have stayed in the 40's and 50's today.
4. that reminds me...ready to pull out some soup recipes. love soup in the fall.
5. family time and cupcakes. celebrated my neices birthday today with these decadent chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. yep. actual cookie dough in the middle.

6. ali edwards is inspiring me to start thinking about my december daily. i am thinking about going super simple (duh!) and go mostly digital and using her 6x8 overlays. her project post is bounding with many ideas and my mind is churning with ideas for putting this fourth book together.
7. i'm getting pretty good at typing with one hand while baby is in lap.
8. so glad i came upon these calendar overlays. they were hard to come by last year. calendars are a favorite requested gift for christmas. eager to get them started, wrapped and shipped early december.
9. i have been reflecting lately on the important women in my life. they keep me accountable, inspired, joyfull. and really blessed. my sister is one of those important people. so thankful.


10.  o.k...amazing race is now on...my girlies are here to watch.  happy 10.10.10.



  1. What a fun post to celebrate the date! I just managed to take photos for a later page :) Off to check your links. TFS!

  2. great post Jamie!
    The two of you look so much alike!

    Hugs ~