embracing it all


happy thursday, friends...


time to embrace the camera again...
inspired by emily and her crew.
time for mom's to get IN FRONT of the camera with her kiddos...
i figure if i keep this up, i could have 52 photos this year with my crew.

the wind blown look is big here on the prairie.
we were at our newest library branch opening.
it's a big deal out here.
so, have you embraced today?

and did you see me over here yesterday?


  1. i love the idea of 52 photos with my kids...seems like it's hard to get one or two throughout the year unless i am very purposeful about saying, can someone take our picture? or doing a self portrait :) yea for new libraries too!

  2. Love the family photo in front of the library :)

  3. yes! 52 photos a year---such a good point :)

    love this photo and loved that you joined us!