embracing this little boy.
someone recently asked me if i just snuggle with him all day.
yep. well...sort of.
life is crazy busy right now. but i take the moments i can to squeeze, kiss, hold, and giggle with this sweet, sweet little person.
i make the moments count.
the first nursing of the day is my favorite time of the day.
it's just he and i.
a quiet house.
no one to interrupt.
very special to me.

i have been a bit absent lately. not only has the teen male child been home all week on winter break (just what is that anyway? back in the day there was NO winter break...but i digress), but my brother-in-laws mother passed away this week. it's been a hard loss. my youngest, 7, adored her. my youngest has so much love in her life to give, that when a loss such as this occurs, her love pours out in great emotion. a lot of holding and talking about eternal things has been happening between her and i. real life issues being dealt with here. and so, my absence. also helping my sister a little here and there with the making of plans for the service. services to celebrate 'grandma cheney' is tomorrow.

also, i'm scheduled to be posting over at work in progress on saturday. hoping that actually happens (grin). oh! and speaking of which...trish put her kits for march up today. go check out the project and add on kit. fun. fun.

till next time...


  1. That photo is so beautiful! sigh... so beautiful!! I hope things will calm down for you. Winter break: the break between Christmas break and spring break, you know, the 20 days inbetween there where the students need a break :)

  2. What a great shot of the two of you.
    and once again I see that our lives have strange parallels and I think of you, your sister's family and Grandma Cheney.

    Hugs ~