embrace the camera


Back to Thursday's embrace.
Embrace the camera with yourself and a loved one.
Well, it's easy to embrace him.
So I handed the camera over the the oldest daughter and she was all good with that.
And then she shot away.
We were getting ready to go 'goofin'.
Do you ever go 'goofin'?
It's what my parents called it when we would take off to go do this and that.
A funny term.
My kids think it's funny.
I think it's funny we have adopted into our family and now everyone just knows what it means.
But I digress.
Embracing the camera. And my little, sweet, happy guy!

Remember this inspiration board from the other day?

Well this is what it became::

A 12x6 layout. An unusual size for me. But a fun size to change things up with. All supplies are still March WIP.
Sold out, but you can drool if you wanna.
And oh how this little guy is just more adorable and adorable every. single. day. He has his first little toofer. And the second is on it's way.
Happy to embrace him every day of the week.

Have a lovely Thursday.


  1. Love that picture!! YOU are truly so beautiful, Jamie! No wonder you look like you're glowing, with that sweet child in your arms. So happy for you both. xo

  2. You are super talented! I am going to show your blog to my card making mother... she will be in love!

  3. sweet photo! and i love the layout. you're giving me an itch to craft today. i think i might just do that. thanks! :)

  4. I love how you put that all together. And what a sweet little guy!

  5. gorgeous picture. And goofin' sounds so fun. :)

    Thanks for stopping & for your sweet comment! :)

  6. He's just so huggable! Cute Picture!

  7. Not only is the photo awesome but I love the design of your 6X12! Love the clustering of the elements on the page! You really should do more in this format ;)

  8. love that photo and your layout!
    and the go goofin' ! too CUTE!

  9. absolutely lovely!! double kuddos for making a great page so quickly ;-))

    Hugs ~

  10. you both look great, and I love the new layout size.

  11. what a precious baby. And I love the decorative framing you did!!