creative team peek


good morning friends...
the weekend brought with it some chilly winter like temps.
happy to see mild fall weather in our future again...
especially with an 8 year old birthday to celebrate on the horizon.

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This quote is very poignant to my story right now.
working to keep my eyes open.
working to understand the depth of being happy now.
of acting on what i know.
and quotes like these are beautiful reminders of what i can so easily forget.
what about you?

i will be back tomorrow with more projects from the grateful glam collection over at rhonna's.


  1. Love your card and that quote Jamie dear!

    Thank you!
    Good luck with the bday prep work, you will share with us, won't you?

  2. that little cluster is adorable!

  3. Your card is so, so classy! Love the yellow and grey + white combo! Love the quote too!

  4. Love this sweet friend! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

  5. love the quote...and signed up for the newsletter!