spark no.3


There is so much to tell about my four days in Utah attending Spark No.3. One could be...well actually IS, overwhelmed on many levels as to the creativity incited to near hysteria while attending Spark. The enthusiasm was contagious, the art projects stimulating, the sista's inspiring, the decor simply gorgeous, the new friends wonderful. And the instructors and hostess...outta this world!

Putting it all into words and photos is a bit let's start from the beginning...shall we?

my dear lizzie.

my dear lizzy boutique and bistro is one of those experiences that as you walk in you stop. the jaw drops. and one stands gaping at all the eye has to behold. one has entered all that is beautiful. we daughter's of eve always endeavoring for beauty...well here is one place that will never disappoint. the textures. the merchandise. the music. the shopkeepers. all beautiful. it is no wonder Spark the Event was born here. opportune enough to visit and not come away inspired...ah...then you really do need a spark. as this was our first stop, a sort of mecca for all spark attendees, the tone was officially set for all that was to be experienced when spark was attended.

spark sista's. once a partaker of spark, all belong to the sisterhood. the connection with these women was immediate. no one was a stranger. everyone belonged. creative types get it. and that indeed was what was encountered.

nancy wyatt. she was already a sista. we are members of rhonnaDESIGNS creative team. she is to blame for lighting a fire within and helping me to see my way to Spark. and i will forever be thankful. she will never fully know the way that she helped create for me. she has believed in me for several years. sometimes we need others to see for us...she. she did just that. appreciating forever when women genuinely and authentically encourage one another to uncover their gifts and give them wings to fly to places they were not themselves sure of. nancy...blessed me beyond measure. i am forever grateful.

and that was just the very first day...spark was not to begin until the next.

nancy was also responsible for hosting a dinner to bring all the new attendees together the evening before Spark opened. again...women creatives accepting and befriending one another immediately in a way that is not found in many places. we all swapped handmade gifts with one another. (you may peek at that tomorrow). we laughed. chatted. ate. drank. and began a new journey into creative newness that would stay in our hearts for long after the event.

i hope you will join me this week as i relive the Spark...i hope, mostly, and above all, that you might be inspired to be sparked. and how i would dearly love that little fire burning within might find you making a commitment next year to SparkNo.4...


  1. I had a wonderful time at spark. I don't beleive we actually connected with so much going on but I will def follow your blog. Can't wait to see your recaps as well.

  2. What a beautiful start to describing your experience here in UT. I saw you several times and I'm sorry I didn't say Hello- next year for sure! I love what you said about women who encourage other women to fly to places they were unsure of!!! What a unique opportunity we have to do that for each other!

  3. i die. what amazing photos. So grateful you could share Spark with me.
    LOVE you dear friend.

  4. I loved sparking with you Jamie, it is difficult to find words to describe the experience. Transformative. That's the best one I can think of at the moment. I look forward to following your journey.....

  5. What an amazing post and what sweet words, you are too kind! Your work has always amazed me and what I saw you create at Spark was nothing short of amazing! Can't wait for you to share your work with everyone via your blog! Love you my Spark sista! Proud to call you friend and sista!

  6. So great! And Nancy....I hope you got that hat, it is adorable!