the bertram 2011


the weather was perfect.
the skies clear.
the air brisk.
it was just gorgeous.

the desserts delectable.
and generous.
we also were spoiled with a sundae bar friday evening.
because we needed more.

the food was outstanding.
continuing to dream of beef tips in mushroom sauce.
it was all so good.

finally to meet my willow and blogging friend lisa.
delighted, i am sure.
she is a charm.
she calls everyone 'mama'.
so blessed to know a lady like her.

taught Everyday Gratitude friday evening.
the group was a blast.
we just simply had fun.
and they loved what i had to share.

mary and debbie.
table mates.
lots and lots of laughter.
i miss them already too.
they were so welcoming and inviting to let me share in their weekend.
forever grateful.

what a doll.
hopefully you recognize her from the WIP design team.
talk about sweet.
and creative.
she needs to share her 2011 travel mini book with you all.
i die, to coin a phrase.

the willows.
trish was so blessed to have these ladies in attendance.
makes me wish visiting the boards.
hmmm...must find time for that again.

lisa and trish.
i dropped in a day before the event.
we did a wee bit o' shopping.
hallows. are you kidding me.
the quirkiest store ever.
fun finds.
stopping in the aisles to share a story with one another.
thanks for splitting those envelopes with me, lisa.

trish...i can't thank you enough for the opportunity to teach at your retreat.
blessing it was.
had so much fun.
glad i stepped out that way to meet you all.

a beautiful mess.

trips to starbucks.
with lisa.
salted caramel mocha.
much needed sustenance.

the candy bar of saturday night.
because we needed more.

memories of late nights.
time to be creative.
catching up on junque journals.
simply enjoying.
meeting new friends. and old.
relishing my time.

enjoying the process.

till next year, ladies.
thanks for the memories.


  1. Looks like an amazing time and a perfect number of ladies too! You look amazing in all your photos my beautiful friend! Your book, A.mazing! Glad you had a great time and met some great ladies! xoxo from Conroe, TX

  2. WOW!!! Looking at the photos ....I'm ready to go back again!! :) Thanks Jamie for joining us, it was such a pleasure to meet you!! Blessings abounded that weekend!

  3. Wow Jamie--GREAT post! I love all your pics! It was so fun meeting you IRL--and I pray that you can come and teach another amazing class again next year! :) We'll have to hit more shopping, too...Hugs!

  4. Looks like a great time!!! I can not wait to see what you created :)

  5. That opening photo is STUNNING! and what a fun time was had by all. love all of the creative mess!