i always need tags for something.
to top gifts.
for card covers.
last month i had some hanging on pumpkins, even.

i made these sweet and simple tags
using RhonnaDESIGNS most recent kits.fonts.&dingbats.
love them all.

how do you do that?
1. open up a new document and size to 2.33x4.33 - tag size.
2. next, drop the graph pattern from the christmas junque printable backgrounds. size down to fit the tag nicely.
3.then stamp with a brush from the chevron funk brush kit.
4. the next brush is from the junque labels kit. that was stamped in black to help it pop.
5. then i added the word 'celebrate' using traveling typewriter font.
6. i always run a practice sheet through the printer first.
7. when i am happy with how it looks, i lightly tape the manila tag on top of the previously printed digital element. the sheet is run through the printer again...and tada! a printed tag. i use the technique quite a bit, and have lots more to do.
8. a rosette was made with some sheer grey fabric i had in my stash.
9. some bling was added to the tag to finish the look.
10. now i shall give it away.

1. the techniques are the same as above, only different digital elements. this tag started with the pattern from one of the christmas junque background papers .
2. that was layered with an image from the punk junque kit.
3. a label from junque labels kit was stamped in a light brown and the word lovely was added to the middle of that using RF SwirlyGig font.
4. same printing technique as in the above tag was used.
5. using my handy dandy glue gun, i layered sheer ribbon, paper ribbon, book flags, paper shreds and a large piece of bling to complete the tag.

 1. this 'time is precious' tag is the easiest so far. a digital element used was from the punk junque kit. instead of using the abr brush to stamp on the tag, i used the colored png file and dropped the image on the tag canvas in my photo editor. I played around with the placement for a little before i was happy with it.
2. i stamped one of the labels from junque labels kit so that the words 'time is precious' would fit right inside of the label.
3. print as above.
4. ink the edges.
5. add glitter glue to edges and paint inside butterflies.
6. add tulle and silver yarn and tie to top.
7. done.

1. use junque labels kit to stamp frame label in brown.
2. print as above.
3. die cut butterfly from the collage pattern paper found in christmas junque background paper kit.
4. attach to tag with hot glue.
5. add icicle glimmer glaze to butterfly.
6. add bling to center.
7. adhere paper doily to back of tag.
8. tie white seam binding to the top.
9. done.

Kits used for these projects::


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  2. Jamie, these are absolutely beautiful. I love using the dingbats too as well as ALL of
    Rhonna's designs.

  3. There are absolutely GORGEOUS!
    Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!


  4. this is totally gorgeous ... Now you have inspired me to explore on tags ... love tags and love your tags.