the joy dare ~ week.three


a week in photos

counting to one thousand gifts

(eta: to have been posted friday, jan 20.2012.)

As with every person I have ever come in contact with, life happens.
Last weeks joy dare was suppose to lead into this weeks project life|week two.
life happens.
We were to visit the ER on Monday afternoon with the 16 m/o.
Seems it was his day to face plant into the counter stool...with a little help from a sibling.
Huge gash.
Lots of blood.
Intense screaming.
Trip to the hospital.

Yet so many gifts came from this that I may not had seen before...
if I was not 'looking' for them.

"We wear the habit of seeing beauty." A.Voskamp

#154. Avery beautifully calm in the handling of the situation

#155. my sister's help

#156. Mr. Pate quickly on the scene

#157. Sawyer's sweet disposition

#158. no broken bones. no stitches after all.

at the hospital.waiting.waiting.waiting.

so those are gifts.
something given to me.
out of what could have been an ugly situation.
joy points were found.

and here are a few more from the week.

before said accident.
cold.cold.cold tuesday.
new medical adventure.
seventeen months.
the gift of organization. initiated by the girls.
gorgeous day. gorgeous light through the window.
the gift of goodness.
the gift of play. love to watch him.
the gift of progress. she is working so hard.
"The art of deep seeing makes the gratitude possible. And it is the art of gratitude that makes joy possible. Joy is the art of God. " Ann Voskamp

inspired by The Joy Dare


  1. Great post despite the news about a visit to the ER ;-(
    TFS Jamie!

  2. Oh my goodness! That poor sweet baby boy! You have such a beautiful way with words! I float when I read your blog, really I do! Thanks for sharing your words with us. Looking forward to seeing you in April, squeal! Hugs from Conroe, TX