the joy dare ~ week.two


a week in photos

This post is a series of posts that started last friday and you can read it here.

Habits has been a word this week that consistently found it's way into my life.
Habits in finding gifts.
Habits in productivity.
Habits in everyday life.

the habit of reading everyday
the habit of honing a skill
daily habit of our educational lifestyle
habit of new discoveries? he found his shadow.

the habit of love
the habit of daily provision
The habit of finding everyday gifts stemmed from the joy dare.
The joy dare is a daily prompt to find three gifts in a day.
Three gifts in a day will equal one thousand gifts in eleven months.
one thousand in twenty.twelve.
doesn't that amaze you?

i am not following the prompts verbatim.
however, i read them daily.
and am inspired.
my children too are slowly becoming involved.
mr. pate is involved by videotaping a little something everyday.
like the gift of all the kids participating in dance2 (wii) last night...including the 16 month old!

and you can see next week how these daily habits.
these daily prompts.
these daily gifts...
find their way into telling our story in our project life.


  1. you arev always inspiring Jamie!

  2. such a great project and I adore that the whole family is involved. makes me smile.