project life ~week 1


welcome to project life | week 1
so far so good.
keeping up with project life.
actually, it is not that much of a challenge...
i completed last year.
it has changed the way i 'scrap'.
(still need to finish the title page for 2012, but it is in the works.)

As with last year, there is only a one sided spread. This might change. Especially in light of incorporating my one little word with my project life: gifts.
Photographing the gifts in my life.
It's what I have always done, but I am finding a new mental twist on the approach.

This weeks journal 'card' is a photo from the A Holy Experience blog. Since that is currently a significant part of my life, I loved the idea of that picture housing the week and date, plus some journal points.

I wrote a few more notes out on an actual journal card from crate paper's emma's shop collection, the accent cuts. I usually pre-cut those journal cards and house them in a 7gypsies tag drawer just so i have them at the ready. Made it easy to grab, add some journaling and go.
Also, you will see a RhonnaDESIGNS brush from It's Time Brush Kit. Thought it fitting with it being the first week of the year and, that WAS actually New Year's Day.


  1. Beautiful! This truly is beautiful in every way!

  2. Just discovered your blog, I love it!

    What font did you use on the "week 1" card?