project life ~ week.five.


welcome to project life. week.five.

Someone once told me the days go by slow, the years can be slow, but the weeks fly by.
It is ever my intent to have pL posted by the middle of the week.
Although I am sticking to my predetermined schedule of having the pages done by Tuesday, a habit I continue to cultivate this year, the posting of the project is a whole other issue for me.
But alas, here it is. Hoping it instills someone with inspiration to continue to document their own story.

A theme was struck this week with it being the beginning of the month of February.
A theme of hearts & pink.
If you know me, I am not one for pink.
But rhonnaDESIGNS has me all over the pink this month with her Kiss Me collection.
As someone close to me recently described me, I am feminine, but edgy.
So the pink is a bit of a stretch for me...but I am lovin' the challenge of it, and it will continue throughout the month.
So here's to pink.

This week I am using Design B and C. Late last year the Photo Pocket Pages -Big Variety Pack was at a fabulous price. So I grabbed them up. The jury is still out as to whether I like having a diversity of sizes to work with. It can sort of throw me off when planning my photos. But I am making it work and having fun with it anyway.

I took one of the page protectors and cut it in half and used as a middle insert. I really wanted to tell the story of the snow. The two days of snow we had! which is sort of rare for us. And how much my Dad's dog loved it! and how much there was drifted in the yards. So I added those to the back side of the insert and really am glad for how it worked out.
On the front side there aren't any photos. Instead I chose to add part of the bulletin from church as the series we are in has been so engaging and life changing. There is a little mini layout (i love adding these this year to the pages...I am always thinking now of how I can add those mini's in here.) One side is the quatrefoil pattern from the KissMeCollection background kit. The other half is some word art included in the WIPkit for February. It's a gratitude quote that is completely in sync with where we are right now as a couple (mr. pate and i) and our family.


  1. This is SO beautiful, Jamie! Wish I had the oomph necessary to tackle a project like this because I do love it so. Loving your different pockets and think you have done a fabulous job with the pink. :)
    Just saw your message on my blog and have tried to shoot you an email. Let me know if you don't get it.

  2. totally love your little bits and pieces!

  3. Hey Jamie,
    Just saw your message again, and don't know why my email didn't work. Did have your correct email addy. Tried again. If it doesn't work, try emailing me at or even try my work email at