because i love journals


hello friends...
today i bring you one of my favorite little creative outlets...

i love making journals.
because i am always making lists.
one of my favorite places to keep my lists is in what i call my home management journal.

jmpgirl ~ journal for rhonna designs.

i also love RhonnaDesigns.
because they are always so versatile and beautiful always.
i found a way to use her new Flowers Stickers + new InstaFontsQuotes3 and InstaGeoFonts.

jmpgirl ~ journal for rhonna designs.

I opened one of the Junque Frames Kit in photoshop elements.
it is sized to fit the front of a traditional composition book.
A Simple Photo Edges frame was added to that and I slipped one of the digital journal cards from A Year to Follow Your Heart under the frame.
The quote from InstaQuotes3 was added...because life can be so daily and I need to be reminded to hope on and to journey on...i love that about Rhonna's quotes...always perfectly stated.
The Flower Stickers were placed on top of the frame and a drop shadow was added for some dimension.
A few of the fonts from the InstaGeoFont were colored in pink and added to the background for subtle texture and color. love those little touches. love playing with color and her fonts to really customize them and make them perfect for any project i am creating.
jmpgirl ~ journal for rhonna designs.

now...grab a composition book from the dollar store.
binding for your Cinch or Bind It All.
and a box cutter.

jmpgirl ~ journal for rhonna designs.

cut the binding off the composition book.
at this point cover the cover with your printed rhonna designs digital art.
don't forget to cover the inside of the covers as well as the back cover.
before you bind it add pockets or tags or journal cards to your hearts content.
then using your tool of choice, bind your new journal.

and enjoy being uplifted and inspired daily by the beauty of your journal as well as the quote you chose that speaks perfectly to you.

now i am off to manage my home and my life.


  1. This is so so so yummy Jamie I adore it ..

  2. Gorgeous! I love journals too and this would also make a wonderful gift! Thanks for sharing :) xoxo

  3. Yeah! I love it too Jamie!!
    Thank you~