a family tradition...


the pate family has several traditions...
one of which is how we celebrate when one of our children turns 10.
a family tradition we started way back when our first born turned ten was to take them on a trip.
mom. dad. child.

with four (at the time) children in tow, it can be hard at times for that one on one activity.
so a special trip seemed to be the thing.

now each child has been able to choose a trip that is meaningful to them...
a location that holds some sort of significance to where they are at that point in their life.
something that would be more than memorable.

child number one, who has always been an americana buff, chose to visit our nations capitol.
we are here in front of our favorite place, the National Archives.
we did all the touristy things in D.C. and have many photos and memories from that special time.
this trip continued to spark much interest for him in our country and he even played around with the idea of going into political science. one never knows what inspiration one will find while traveling.
(this one is 18 later this week...sigh)

child number 2 at the time of her turning 10 was in love with American Girl Dolls.
most especially Felicity who was of pre-revolutionary days.
so we traveled to Williamsburg Virginia to observe all things colonial. that was where she most wanted to go to visit.
we are here in the garden of the Governor's palace.
this trip really cemented in her mind the sacrifice made for this country to be birthed. no easy task she discovered.
she was able to see, hear, and touch those things that were at our beginning. i loved this so much for her. and it still goes with her today.

now child number 3 is a horse lover...
so her choice was to visit the horse parks in Kentucky.
i was not able to make that trip. (and her trip had to be delayed a year as she was actually 10 in 2011)
but it was a very extra special time for her and her dad to explore and find adventure in all things horses.
i love to hear of her still talk of that adventure and all that she saw and learned with her dad.

this week we celebrate daughter number 3 turning those grand double digits of 10.
sigh...can i really have a fourth child who is 10?
well...she had some trouble choosing what was near and dear to her...
so we gave her many suggestions.

and Disneyland was the winner...
sort of a no brainer, don't ya think?
her dream came true to meet Minnie Mouse and get her photo and autograph.
the smiles she produced that weekend were priceless.
being number 4 in the birth order with a cute toddler brother behind you can be a real tough place for a kid to live...
i hope this time will always be a special memory we all shared together.
i know it was for me.

i look forward to pulling all our photos and ephemera and journaling notes together to document this most recent of special times. there are all kinds of ideas swimming in my head as to how i want to share all my memories.

while it is almost usually a sacrifice of some sort to take these children on their 10 year old adventures...
it is a tradition i am most thankful mr. pate and i started.
the photos and stories will last forever in my heart.
the time spent together like that will always be special in their hearts and minds as well.

come and visit again later this week to see how i document a few of these memories.


  1. I see a memory file in the making...
    (or a few!)

  2. Such an awesome tradition! So special and so fun!