project life 2014


i love how there are so many fresh starts to a new year...

As I begin my version of project life 2014, I am taking some time to re-think the process just a bit. As I look back at past books, and there are plenty, I am filled with a lot of happiness and joy at all that I have captured over the years. I love the chronological approach this provides. That is probably what drew me in at the beginning.

But I can see I will take a bit of a different approach this year. I love traditional 12x12 scrapbook layouts. Those pages really grab my heart. Those project will probably be taking up the weeks more than the pocket pages. But we will just have to see how it goes.

This year's cover page is really really simple. When you have a family of 7 it's easy to take up all the pages with photos. The most favorite way I like to begin a new year's book is with my kids portraits from that previous year. To have them all in one place like that with their ages documented just seems the right way to start a new album.

So how about you...will you do project life this year? Does it continue to capture your heart? Or will you find another way to photo. print. and document. your life?

I would love to hear from you.

till next time...


  1. This is stunning, Jamie! Such a beautiful start to the new year. You have such a beautiful family :)

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  3. BEAUTIFUL! Love your color scheme! Do you mind sharing the products you used?