2014 december pages ~ day 8


Welcome to the week of Christmas...
ah...it's here again...I have enjoyed this month.
Little trials here and there have come up...
as well as little glimpses of happy and joy too...
I have been fairly honest with this years' December pages...
but it is still for me to capture the #onelittlethingeveryday that makes us who we are that is important to me with this album.

2014 December Pages ~ Day8 | @jamiepate #PPC2C #pinkpaislee @pinkpaislee
Here is a look at the back of Day7 and then the beginning of Day8.

2014 December Pages ~ Day8 | @jamiepate #PPC2C #pinkpaislee @pinkpaislee
Day8 is super super simple.
A vellum is used as an overlay to hold the Metallic Foam Number '8'.

2014 December Pages ~ Day8 | @jamiepate #PPC2C #pinkpaislee @pinkpaislee
Sometimes when a story really captures my heart I opt to keep the decoration very simple. And that is just what I did here.

2014 December Pages ~ Day8 | @jamiepate #PPC2C #pinkpaislee @pinkpaislee
Because you see this girl here is now in school full time after being schooled at home for 5 years.  And I have missed her being here this month very much. But today she is home sick. (This would be the beginning of almost 3 weeks of sick for her to date...yeah...a little worried about my littlest of my girls). But this was a sweet sweet moment when her littlest brother was snuggled up with her and they were reading together. I love love that he has many readers in his life and is always being snuggled by someone and read too. I made a card and placed the photo on the stop, so the story is inside of the card.

Sigh...this might just be a favorite...do I say that every time?

Hope to share a whole bunch of our album with you this week. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a moment to breathe. Many blessings to you this wintry morning.

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