color shine ~ weekend challenge


Color Shine. That perennial Heidi Swapp product.

This page was done to show off Color Magic Doilies and Jumbo Numbers available at Michaels.

I have created a back to basics tutorial for Color Shine and Color Magic here at the Heidi Swapp blog. Check it out for some ideas detailing the Shine, the Magic and stencils. It makes for a fun refresher course or introduction if one has not played with Color Shine before.

As I was pulling together ideas for this page, this photo, my daughter last year, who is almost 17 this year, just really struck me. It so embodies her and who she is. That little happy girl born to us years ago, who's personality has only grown to continue to be happy and shine bright. She works hard. Strives to find her best. Loves and is loved by so many. Has ideals about life, people and herself that really cause me to be in awe. This layout is dedicated to her right now...and her becoming 17 in just a few weeks.

So, what's the moral of this story?

Check out the Color Shine tutorial.
Print out your photos.
And document that memory.

Till next time.

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