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Celebrate Easter with Heidi Swapp Letterboard Vignette

Easter celebration and perspective.

Celebrate Easter with Heidi Swapp Letterboard Vignette

Last year I created this post for Heidi Swapp. The focus was on celebrating Easter and using her Letterboard Collection to add to the decorations and festivities.
You can find that post right here >> Letterboard Easter Vignette

Celebrate Easter with Heidi Swapp Letterboard Vignette

I love looking back at this post for a couple reasons.
Firstly, some things never change. As we gather with family on this very special day on the church calendar, the menu will mostly be the same. The desserts will change up just a bit. But to be sure, Berry Trifle will be part of that display. As it has been for years.

Celebrate Easter with Heidi Swapp Letterboard Vignette

Tradition plays a very big part in our family life. Knowing what to expect brings a certain level of comfort to life. As I get older, these traditions mean so much more to me now. Looking back. Then they even did in the making.

Because. Secondly. Looking back, causes me to pause and consider the change. Or the change that is about to take place.

As I look back at the family that was gathered a year ago, my mind races through the realities of the last year. The changes. The decisions. The healings. The many moments that have blurred by us all in the past twelve months. And as we are on the cusp of a change, next year this photo will change will look different yet again.

So why do I share these two perspectives? The one of tradition. And of change? Because this is a story. It's my story. It's the people in this photo's story. Our stories matter. And they don't stay the same. They are always changing. As one of N.D. Wilson's parenting tips reminds me: "Get nostalgic for the present". And that's just what I am going to do this Easter Sunday.

My wish for you? Enjoy your Easter with family and or friends. Take lots of photos. Take mental notes. Tell your story. Because tradition is tried and true. But life changes often and swiftly.

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