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New Everyday Working Planner Class now available at Big Picture Classes.

Everyday is a great day for a fresh start. This year I am a believer in that more than ever before. For me that requires doing something to create those fresh starts.

The tool I use most to maintain my fresh starts and mind set and goals is my planner.

Right now I have a brand new class available at Big Pictures Classes called Everyday Working Planner. This class is the foundation to my daily, weekly and monthly planning. It's my practical use of a planner to get all the things done.

Check out this little video sneak peak:

This class takes you step by step through my monthly process of setting up my working planner.

My goal with this class was to de-mystify how to put a planner to actual work for the busy mom, business owner, or the dream chaser.

I provide ideas, insights, and even printables to download and put in place in whatever planner you have working for you.

I hope you will join me in the classroom. It's a great way to maintain that fresh start every month. And put all those ideas in your head to work for you.

Big Pictures Classes : Everyday Working Planner

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