eat. sleep. create. repeat.


Eat.Sleep.Create.Repeat. by Jamie Pate | @jamiepate

These summer days are some kind of busy ones.
This is not a complaint. It’s an observation.
Currently I can only dream of creating.

Eat.Sleep.Create.Repeat. by Jamie Pate | @jamiepate

the creating has fallen off more than normal.
Snort. More than normal. I'm laughing at my own self.

Eat.Sleep.Create.Repeat. by Jamie Pate | @jamiepate

But with all things, this too shall pass, and I will once again heed my own advice. But it will look like this:

Run the kids all over town to their respective schools.
Then pick up kids all over town from their respective schools.
Do the evening routine.
Fall into bed exhausted.

But that wouldn’t make for much of a page title.

Such is the way of mom life.

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