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One of the techniques I love to use in a traveler's size notebook album is a 'large' format photo. As I continue to add to this particular album I just keep repeating the same idea (of course...subject to change in the next album).

Gathering some of my current go-to supplies like corner rounder and tab punch plus of course tape runner, stencils (oh...stencils...must have!), stamps ink and pen...it's super easy to make a fairly quick page with big impact by printing a photo as large as the album page.

This photo is about 4.25x8.25. Since I print at home using the Canon iP8720, it's easy to get a custom size whenever I need it. And for this album, I need that size.

Another aspect of this traveler's size notebook is to keep the embellishments fairly minimal, and clustered.

Well. Clustered is just a way I do my embellishments. Currently, anyway. All the ways are always subject to change.

While the large format is a key component to this in progress album, and the embellishments always are part of my story crafting, the story is the heart of the matter. This Journal Studio Insert notebook gives plenty of room to tell plenty of story. I love that! especially while I am in the midst of putting better emphasis on my stories. This space provides ample room to do just that.

Here's to all the ways to tell a story. Creating big impact with a full page photo. Adding in just the right embellishments, and taking the time to tell all the story.

supplies used to create this traveler's notebook page:

Heidi Swapp Journal Studio Collection


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