Five Reasons to Get a Little Organized


mini storage containers to save the day

It's just about this time of year I get antsy for organizing and decluttering and finding my next organized self. Ha! Who am I even kidding. I do that ALL the time. I was not always this way. However, the older I get, the less I want, and the more organized I need it.

With that little intro in mind let's talk Mini Embellishment Jars.

When I first received these cutey jars they stayed left in their package for awhile. Then when I was scrounging around for my sequins, I was like, duh! Get those bags of shiny embellishments organized in the Mini Embellishments Jars, for goodness sakes. 

Here is why I found these jars so helpful.

Five Reasons to Get a Little Organized

This container holds 12 small jars that contain all the things with screw on lids. No mishaps knocking over this container and all the mini and tiny goodness flying everywhere. Important for us crafters flying about our space too busy making stuff to worry about the glitter flying. I love how these small elements are nicely contained and staying put.

Five Reasons to Get a Little Organized

The clear view allows me to see all the embellishments I have stashed inside. I'm one of those, if I don't see it, I don't use it. I've been known to forget what little pieces I have in my stash. Am sure that has never happened to you. The idea of this clear, acrylic case showing the pretty things off has me now grabbing for these items more often and making use of the stash.

Five Reasons to Get a Little Organized

The Mini Embellishments Jars also have me organizing so many of the little things that otherwise I have holed up in a baggie of some sort. My favorite thing to hold in this container are sequins. I just never ever declutter the sequins which makes this such a great organizational ideal. I'm putting in these jars glitter, and wood veneer, and tiny chipboard embellishments. There are endless storage and organization possibilities. Love. It.

Five Reasons to Get a Little Organized

Having similar themed tiny items together helps me stay in the groove of focusing on the making, instead of stopping to look for the thing. Ever happen to you? For example, this particular case of jars holds gold and silver and then some wood. All these items work beautifully together on a project. I like organizing by color and theme, making these jars a perfect solution.

Five Reasons to Get a Little Organized

The Mini Embellishment Jar storage has a cousin too. Not only can I choose to place these tiny embellishments in the Mini Jars, but there are large jars also, you know, just in case. These are great options for helping my studio and work space stay organized.

As the New Year rolls around, and you too get bit with the declutter and organizing bug, consider adding these jars to the mix of a finely tuned studio. Get organized, and then get to making pretty things.

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