Memory Planner 2021 | October Pages


 october is one for the books

Just like that.
Another month fully behind us.

With today being the 15th of the month it's reveal day over at HeidiSwappShop.Com for Stop the Blur November Kit, November Class, plus new Stamp Society.

And while there is a lot of new fun stuff going on over there, the thing is, what you put on your pages is what matters most. Not the stuff, although the stuff is what keeps things interesting and fresh. I totally get that.
But don't let stuff get in your way of writing your story.

Memory Planner 2021 | October Pages

In this month's video walk through I talk about a concept that is actually very popular, has been around for awhile, and can bring a lot of conversation into our Memory Planner process. And that is the concept of the commonplace book.

Memory Planner 2021 | October Pages

What is a commonplace book?

A commonplace book is a system for writing down and sorting all manner of tidbits:

quotes, anecdotes, observations, and information gleaned from books, conversations, movies, song lyrics, social posts, podcasts, life experiences, or anything else that you might want to return to later.

(Found at: How To Keep a Commonplace Book)

Memory Planner 2021 | October Pages

Isn't that a fantastic definition?

Isn't that exactly what we do in our Memory Planners?

Doesn't that help fill in the blanks when maybe one is at a loss as to what to add to their Memory Planner?

Memory Planner 2021 | October Pages

I took that idea, plus some inspiration from Brandi Kincaid whom I follow on IG, and just let the pages be what they became. The attempt was to not overthink. Because, well, you know...that's a problem for all of us. But rather, as I always encourage, to enjoy the process, to write your story, and just add the things that make up your life.

These are your pages. These are your stories. They can look however you deem them to look.

And that was my message this month.

See ALL the details played out here:

Memory Planner 2021 | October Pages

Here is a sneak peek into next month's pages. Trying to get on it now cause I think I am liking that better.

Enjoy today's reveal.

Let me know any questions you may have.

And remember: tell YOUR story.

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