Do You Ever Feel Lost In Your Documenting


Feeling Lost In Your Documenting |

it's a new day

It's the eighth week of the year.

And if there has not been a lot of life lived already in this year called 2022! Yes. There has been!

Hard to fathom we are looking at the end of the month coming upon us already.

With that in mind, and as so many of you have commented lately, if it was not for memory keeping, memory planner, or weekly page spreads, one would feel lost in all the time that has passed already.

I for one am thankful for this mode of journaling and keeping a tab on time.

Not because I want to hold on to the old days. But rather, because I want all the days to shape and form my outlook. To help me be grateful for all that is good. To be mindful of the here. The then. The next.

It's a package deal, don't you think.

Feeling Lost In Your Documenting |

Some of you share how important memory planning is to you. How it's a more succinct way to document and journal and place photos. Cannot tell you how wonderful it is to hear all the comments and testimonials. You have no idea how much that blesses me to know you are writing it down. Printing them out. Taking the time.

Some of you are beholden to traditional scrapbook pages. Or at least considering what stories should go where. That too just brings me so much joy. It's not an easy task to gather the things. Write down the words. Give it all shape and order. Hope you know you are doing a great task no matter what the format is you choose to tell a story.

Bottom line: storytelling is happening. Memories are being recounted. The blur is being slowed just a bit.

Feeling Lost In Your Documenting |

No matter where you are keeping these memories, they are being kept! Right? It might not be EVERY story. I mean. How could we do that anyway? If there is at least one way it's being written down and printed out, well then...there is no getting lost in your documenting. You are doing it. In the way you found to do it. You should feel such a sense of accomplishment for making that happen!

Feeling Lost In Your Documenting |

You know how that story ruminates in your head. An event happened. A trip was made. A thought was spoken. And it simmers in one's brain for a bit. Then you feel prompted: I better write that down. Maybe you have a running list of these stories. That in and of itself is documentation.

But then you find some time and space to write the story down. Or compose a page. Printing photos and arranging them just so? Do you know that feeling? Ah, you ARE a storyteller. And you have developed the habit in your mind of needing to get that story outside your mind and out in the air where it will still find life.

Feeling Lost In Your Documenting |

All the supplies and extras and products are the whip cream on the sundae. And boy do I love that whipped topping! These accouterments, while not exactly absolutely needed to journal a story, don't they just bring life to said story? We 'scrapbookers' are storytellers on steroids. We not only want that story told. But we want to process the story, right? We want to be involved in its remembering. Whether that is on a Memory Planner page, or in a travelers notebook, or be it a Storyline Chapters Insert as seen in these photos here. 

Feeling Lost In Your Documenting |

We are not lost at all in our documenting. It's all right here. No matter what the level of that telling is. Don't even let the pressure of how someone else is doing a thing steer your inspiration back into the lost forest. You know what you want. You know how to get there. Can it grow and become more refined? Absolutely. Are you brand new to all this and think that should happen right now? I want to encourage you to not feel that pressure. Do not let comparison steal your joy. I am begging you.

So, I guess, as I wrap this up here, there are two ways to get lost in our documenting:

1. Lost to the point that we don't write or print. Or we allow comparison to lead us down the wrong path.


2. Lost in the sense that we walk right into this world of documenting and telling and printing photos and we linger and learn and tell. Ah. What a wonderful gift we have in this beautiful endeavor.

Hope this inspires your telling once again. Hope you find a new day and a new light on the path called life that can so easily make us feel lost. Hope you too will continue to find your way and tell your story.

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