The Ultimate Essentials Guide to Scrapbooking | National Scrapbook Week


The Ultimate Essentials Guide to Scrapbooking | National Scrapbook Week |

It's National Scrapbook Week

 I would like to take a vote and make a resolution that this entire week be celebrated as Scrapbook Week.

All in favor say aye!


The 'ayes' have it.

This coming Saturday, May 7, 2022,  has been deemed National Scrapbook Day. But just one day is not enough, I say. Who's with me?

And with that I have a week's worth of thoughts and ideas I am super excited to share here and on my YouTube channel and in all the places I post all the things.

The Ultimate Essentials Guide to Scrapbooking | National Scrapbook Week |

First and foremost I have been thinking about scrapbook essentials. You know. The basics. What are the things that one is reaching for all the time to make a page. Now, to be specific, this is about the tools here. I share a lot about organization and favorite tools here and most specifically on the Work Space Wednesday Series which you can locate right HERE.

But with this now being the official week of all things scrapbooking I want to break the essentials down just a bit more.

Let's start here...

The Ultimate Essentials Guide to Scrapbooking | National Scrapbook Week |

Adhesives. Adhesives will get several nods today in this article. Because, just like scissors, while you could make a single type adhesive work, I prefer different adhesives for different needs.

Double sided adhesive rolls are always at the ready. The ones that I most readily use are seen in the above image.

From top to bottom:

1/4 Inch Double Sided Foam Adhesive Roll

1/8 Inch Double Sided Adhesive Roll

1/4 Inch Double Sided Adhesive Roll

My style of scrapbooking calls for lots of parts to be 'lifted from the page. Foam adhesive is the go-to for me on that one. One can even double up if one needs even more dimension on their scrapbook page. Plus, I like the idea of being able to cut whatever length I need. So that's why this adhesive roll is part of my essentials.

Second in the line up is the 1/8 Inch. This is sort of a new to me size. It's so thin. This is my favorite to use for pockets. No matter what type of pocket is to be found on my page, a die cut one or a hand crafted one, this very thin size is great for keeping it closed at the seams.

Then last, but not least at all is the 1/4 Inch Adhesive Roll. When I need a bit more adhesion than the 1/8 size. It's great for adhering photos to the page. Any kind of embellishment or border die. It's simply a go-to for me as well.

But wait...there's more...

The Ultimate Essentials Guide to Scrapbooking | National Scrapbook Week |

A couple weeks ago I gushed talked about the new ScrapbookCom adhesive rollers. You can find more details on that right HERE. These are always at the ready.This trio includes dotted as well as permanent. The Dotted (yellow) and the Permanent (green) also have refill options. These are quick grab adhesives that have great stick power, but when I don't quite need a double sided power. Did that make sense?

I can't say as which one I reach for most. As they are all fairly equally used and available for my scrapbooking and all the paper crafting here in this space.

The Ultimate Essentials Guide to Scrapbooking | National Scrapbook Week |

Scissors. A few days back I posted an Instagram Story about my scissor problem collection. But as one of my dear readers reminded me, different scissors for different needs.

Let's refer to the Tonic Studios first as they were already photo'd with the adhesive rolls. That's because this is a non-stick scissor. It's used exclusively with those adhesives so the blades won't get gummed up. And yes, you will most likely find it on my work surface stacked on top of the double sided rolls at the ready. I always know where they are.

On top of those are a silver pair that I have had for ages. It is by WRMK and includes a fabric only pair as well. This one here actually says 'paper' on the blade. How brilliant is that? I cannot tell you how endlessly I have had to educate my kids about paper only scissors. And thus the reason for more than one pair of scissors.

Lastly in this above image in the background are the newest scissors from ScrapbookCom. I really love these for fussy cutting. The mini scissors have such a small and concise reach with such a tiny blade. It's for all the detail cutting one may need for their paper craft. They are functional and light weight and reached for often.

The Ultimate Essentials Guide to Scrapbooking | National Scrapbook Week |

OK...Trimmer and Score Board. On almost every one of my videos in the links section one will find this Trim and Score Board. I use this All. The. Time. It really has become my go-to trimmer and mainly because I use the scoring portion so much. Even on my scrapbook pages. You will see this come to light in THIS recent video here. I love this thing so much!!! It's not only an essential but it is a must have.

The Ultimate Essentials Guide to Scrapbooking | National Scrapbook Week |

These tools imaged above are a bit more peripheral but just as essential.
a ruler
a craft knife
a tiny attacher.

Now...the WeRMemoryKeepers ruler and craft knife come in a mini tool kit. That kit also includes a small cutting mat that is very useful as well.

The WRMK Craft Knife has a great ergonomically-styled handle to it. I love how it fits in my hand. It's very easy to use and just fits right. I do believe in a craft knife as an essential tool in one's scrapbook tool kit. 

Then the Tiny Attacher by Tim Holtz. This one almost did not make the cut until I realized that I recently moved it's location just so I could reach for it easier. Which I do very very often. So I had to include it as it has become an essential tool on my pages as well as on most of my paper craft makes. Get that Tiny Attacher and you will see it's essential-ness too.

The Ultimate Essentials Guide to Scrapbooking | National Scrapbook Week |

Look at my makes and you are almost always to find a die cut of some sort or another. I am always die cutting and have done so since I got my first Big Shot like 18 years ago. But now I am all grown up and have graduated to this beauty. The Big Shot Switch! And in black of all things! Lovely!!! As of right now this beauty that die cuts electrically and with a back and forth switch just so happens to be in stock. But they go so fast. So I am happy to tout it's essential reality today. I do use this EVERY TIME I SCRAP. It's not only a big shot but it's a big deal. Right?!?! 

OK. Those are the basic essentials. 

Can you still scrap well without some of these? Absolutely! I am in agreement with you do you. But I wanted to make a leap into this very important week of scrapbooking and chat about what are the basics and essentials for me. And maybe you will find a new essential for you.

What can you not scrap without.? I would love to hear. Let me know in the comments below.

And happy Scrapbook Week!!!

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  1. Those are all so good and useful. I still use the Scotch ATG, but wonder for how long, as it seems a bit harder to find refills locally. Also, I discovered from some on YouTube, the little glue bottle with the needle-nose tip at Hobby Lobby which is so cool to use for gluing anything that might need controlled application of my scotch quick-dry adhesive. I really like your score board/cutter combo. I use a very old Fiskars cutter and a separate scoreboard. I am really liking my WRMK punch board (I think it is called) to make pockets. Oh, and my wonderful Chapters books.

    1. You have all of the best things. I need to go look for that little needle-nose tip glue bottle at Hobby Lobby. That would be very helpful. Craft away, my friend!

    2. It is tricky to find. Look for it in the hobby/ models (airplane/cars etc.) section.