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How To Elevate the Celebrate Birthday Card |

celebrate all the things

First things first...

some thoughts on elevating the celebrating of making.

Do you know my theory about meditative scrapbooking?

How To Elevate the Celebrate Birthday Card |

I allude to this here and there on my blog. Meditative scrapbooking is sort of being in the zone for someone or something. Mostly for me it's a someone. When I scrap a photo of a person, I find myself thinking about them exclusively. As a woman of faith, I also pray for them. It becomes this beautiful session on focusing on a person and lifting them up in prayer. Not to mention what it does for me as I exercise creativity and contemplation.

How To Elevate the Celebrate Birthday Card |

The same idea can lend itself to card making. Card making too can be a mediative process. The doing for someone else in a creative way. It covers so many facets of wellness as well. Creativity in some places is thought to be just as important as nutrition and exercise. Growing research shows that in fact creativity is a very important part of our wellness.

How To Elevate the Celebrate Birthday Card |

Couple that with making something for someone else. Taking the time for another human. Crafting like only you can craft to make someone else be seen and heard and considered. What a gift we have!

Doesn't THAT make you so happy?

How To Elevate the Celebrate Birthday Card |

Now remember too. One does not need to make an elaborate card to make all the above happen. It can be as simple as a stamp on a card cover and your words in side, or as intricate as you desire. It's totally up to you. No rules here, friends. Just making.

How To Elevate the Celebrate Birthday Card |

I hope this inspires you to make and create and follow the passion in your heart for another soul. Who knew paper and stamps and folding cards could bring that. I for one am here for it. What a lovely hobby we find ourselves in.

Below you can see how this card came together. There are two parts. Each with plenty of ideas beyond what I share in the tutorials.

Let me know your thoughts below about creativity and wellness. 

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  1. I learned many years ago that I am not okay without a creative outlet in my life. I had a time when life was so overfull that I just put away all my projects, and about 3 months later, I found myself meandering the aisles of Hobby Lobby, longing to create something - anything - because I was so creatively starved. And during that time, I just knew I wasn't okay, but I hadn't realized what the cause was until that trip to Hobby Lobby. So now I do my best to keep creating as a regular part of my life, knowing how essential it is to my well-being.