***new Heidi Swapp Stamps | September Stamp Release


***new Heidi Swapp Stamps | September Stamp Release | JamiePate.com

Hello September

New stamps are in the house.

New video is posted.

New ideas are looming in my head.

***new Heidi Swapp Stamps | September Stamp Release | JamiePate.com

Hello, friends...

Super excited here to share brand new stamps in the house at Heidi Swapp Shop.

This month there are 2 new alphas, that I must say, are fantastic.

We have new Market Fresh Icons.


of course as always, new monthly captions: October Caption. Which just might be my favorite. A new favorite anyway. Because who can really choose a single favorite Heidi Swapp? I mean if you can...you are my hero.

***new Heidi Swapp Stamps | September Stamp Release | JamiePate.com

While these stamps are making a splash on my work space, story telling is coming in strong this month again too. It's been a busy summer. So many memories were made. And now my Storytellers and Chapters are calling my name big and strong.

With that in mind I used the 6x8 Market Fresh Alpha for this first layout. What I am calling a TRAD SUMMER photo. Loved how these large alphas made the impact I was looking for on this page. And..it for sure the stamps are fueling the story making again.

***new Heidi Swapp Stamps | September Stamp Release | JamiePate.com

I grabbed the Market Fresh Icons for this layout. Simply placed the flower above the Market Fresh LOVE on this tag. As I was working with the Icons, as I attest to in the video, ideas were coming to me. Those ideas were shared on the video. Watch for even more ideas to come to the surface.

***new Heidi Swapp Stamps | September Stamp Release | JamiePate.com

Before we move on to the captions stamps, I want to share one more make. Using the 4x6 Market Fresh Alpha, I crafted this tag. Its gonna find a home in my Memory Planner. I loved the size for a tag make. Plus, this Alpha size is gonna be great for titles and sub titles on one's Memory Planner page too. Trust me. You are gonna want make all the words and sentiments with this alpha stamp.

***new Heidi Swapp Stamps | September Stamp Release | JamiePate.com

Last, but certainly not least is the newest Captions. Tenth in the collection is the October Captions. AND. I. LOVE. IT. SO. MUCH.

Yes. It may even be my new favorite.

It captures the month of October here beautifully.

Can't wait to get more makes in with this beautiful stamp set.

AND...if you would like to take a look at a few more ideas you can catch that on my YouTube Channel.

Let me know what you think of these new stamp sets. Would love to hear what your maybe favorite might be. Enjoy!

***September Release

Market Fresh Icons https://shrsl.com/3omhh

Market Fresh 4x6 Alpha https://shrsl.com/3omhk

Market Fresh 6x8 Alpha https://shrsl.com/3omhq

October Captions https://shrsl.com/3omhd

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