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Why I Love Storytellers Lessons and Videos | JamiePate.com

for the love of story

If you are a follower of Heidi Swapp and her Storyteller series available on her website, then you are aware that there is Vol. 5 that just came out.

You can find Heidi Swapp Storytellers V5 Set Sail HERE.

This particular edition is based on her Set Sail collection, also fairly new, and gorgeous. I keep grabbing additional pieces to add to my ever growing paper collection. I mean, let's be honest, there are worse addictions than paper, right?

So. That said, There is finally time to pause and watch her videos that you can find HERE and start one of my own Storytellers.

Why I Love Storytellers Lessons and Videos | JamiePate.com

Before I begin this book, however, there is a little something I want to disclaim. I don't live near the water. OK. There is the lake at Pueblo, and you may see an adventure or two documented in my books, but that's not really the vibe of this Set Sail Collection. Plus. A water story is not one I want to tell.

I want to tell about some hiking adventures. Because while I was raised near the beach in So. California, the last twenty years of my life has been spent here in mountain country, and I for one am a fan.

So. Hiking. Mountains. Blue skies. Green vistas. That is the theme of my Storytellers Vol 5. And can we just be honest here? that beautiful yellow striped cover is not working for me and my mountains. 

What are ya gonna do?

I'm a gonna change it out.

Why I Love Storytellers Lessons and Videos | JamiePate.com

This is not a new-to-me way to alter these Storyteller or Storyline Chapters covers. I have done it several times before. This is what we paper crafters do. We change things. We take paper and turn it into a mini album or tag. We take photos and add them to said mini album and then this becomes a photo book. We change things up to make them what we want. 

So while I have been hearing a lot about people not being sailors and so this Set Sail bundle or Storytellers class is not going to work, well...to that I say pishy-cah cah. We can make anything work! Everything is figureoutable.

Why I Love Storytellers Lessons and Videos | JamiePate.com

While the color of the cover was changed up, and oh do I love the blue right now...I still put to work the other elements that Heidi Swapp put in place for her cover. In the classroom this lesson is called Launch. Exactly what this is here. This is a phenomenal cover. I'm not usually a gadgety kind of girl, but the the techniques here are amazing.

Why I Love Storytellers Lessons and Videos | JamiePate.com

Even this little pull out tag here. Gonna want to do that again.

Oh...and that's just really my point, which will probably be made again. The thing about these type scrapbook classes is that the ideas learned and gained can be used in other places on other pages in other books, or heck, even a card! It's always my plan to use the ideas in the video lessons to the full extent. Just how far can I take the value of a class and re-do and re-work the ideas again and again?

Never stop exploring! Exactly.

Why I Love Storytellers Lessons and Videos | JamiePate.com


Full of ideas.

Easy to re-use in other projects.

Always and forever available on the site in your account.

And the storytelling never gets old.

That pretty much sums up reasons why I love Storytellers lessons and videos.  Am sure I could think of many more.

And I am sure you could think of so many more reasons yourself.


You can find Storytellers V5 HERE: https://bit.ly/HSSetSailClass
As well as the Set Sail Bundle HERE

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