How to Take Stock of Life | Scrap the Page



How to Take Stock of Life | Scrap the Page |

a little review

So…I have been looking back at what has transpired this year so far in the studio. After all, it is March. We are three months in. It’s an attempt on my part to be more mindful of what it is I am doing. A three month check up just might be the thing to add to my routine and see if I am on track at all with what I would like to accomplish with my time.

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How to Take Stock of Life | Scrap the Page |

It’s also my birthday week, which is causing a tremendous pause as well. Not a pause in terms of stopping and resting and not doing anything. But rather a pause to look up. Look back. Look forward. Look around. To take stock of my life. I mean, it’s true what they say, we are not getting any younger!!!

How to Take Stock of Life | Scrap the Page |

As I was working on this layout, it’s a current story, and I knew I have past stories not on the page yet. And that’s OK. They will be there. But it sort of struck me as I was working out some ideas for this two page spread before I recorded the video tutorial. (You can watch that here)...

This little tiny revelation and it is not new. But it was a reminder in my very busy past three months of this year, already. And that was this:

The making of this page was in and of itself a time of taking stock and taking time.

What do I mean by that?

How to Take Stock of Life | Scrap the Page |

I have shared on this blog before that I believe in the meditative quality of scrapbooking. It would seem that those who are outside of this past time don’t know about that part of this ‘hobby’. The slow down that making these pages is. And then the real reward, the thoughts that come to the surface of our heart as we are with our hands crafting a moment in time. Those thoughts can be as vast as considering how we want to go about a future situation. Those thoughts can be prayerful for the subjects in the story we are crafting. Those thoughts can be the story that we really want to have down on the page.

How to Take Stock of Life | Scrap the Page |

That to me is the meditative quality of scrapbooking. (or art journaling, or card making, or any of the paper crafts we love.)

That to me is taking stock. Taking time to examine our life lived. That to me is such a gift! of this page making thing that we do.

This is perhaps a really simple reality. But it's a powerful reality. The art of meditating on life and putting that to a space we crafted and gave our signature or thought, time, and energy.

So what do I hope for you? That you will continue on. That you will allow these moments you carve out for yourself to be times of taking stock of life. The plans you made. The adjustments needed. The story of life you want to tell. 

It’s just one of many gifts we get for telling our story. I hope you relish this gift too.

How to Take Stock of Life | Scrap the Page |

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