the best shoes ever!!


These are the best shoes ever!!! My girlfriend sent these to me...they are totally black with a cute little penguin guy on them. They are comfy, light weight and cool to wear. I am so glad I have these. They are just awesome. Some one sure thinks alot of me to get me these fab shoes. I will wear them forever...I even wore them to work the other night...go wearing "flip-flops" to work...anyone who knew me 20 years ago would never have thought I would ever do such a thing. And to's all because of the best shoes ever!

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  1. This was one of the best blogs ever! I have shoes just like these and you were sooo right. Your friend much really like you a bunch to send you such great shoes. You are a lucky girl. Even wore them to I wish I could do that. And yes, in 20 years "you've come a long way baby".