the rewards of harvest. this is the largest bunch of carrots paul gathered from ther garden yet. they did not stay around long however. the kids almost devour them before they even get washed. we have enjoyed plenty of spinach and lettuce. the basil has proved to be very yummy in many of our summer dishes. love, love the taste of basil. even a few of the yellow tomatoes have ripened up a bit for eating. now he is waiting for some chili peppers, and green peppers as well as the rest of the tomatoes.

this is a bit of a mosaic from my walk through the yards yesterday. dad's lily's have bloomed. they are beautiful and one variety has a lovely scent. his apples are trying to ripe. he had so many this year he has had to prune almost daily. paul's color pots are beautiful this year. avery and he have been tending to them daily. the mosaic includes a peak at the ripening peppers. the summer colors are beautiful and not at all taken for granted. i attempt to post this the mosaic does not want to upload. will try again later...have school projects to go tend to.

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