park mosaic


friday found us at 'forest park', as analise phrases it. the day was not warm enough for the pool, but it was beautiful in the black forest. there is some new great park in the briargate area, but i could not find it, and we had to use a stand by. but they had a good time running around and climbing. analise found a little friend. she would run the perimeter of the playground full speed shouting 'go diego, go! go, diego, go!'. it was a sight.
the day prior was spent all day home. told the kids to make due for themselves, for the most part. i needed to get in the office and clean, de-clutter, re-organize. i need another desk in there. (i know, what about the basement...the subject needs to come up again with spouse and i have not attempted it in a while.) so my big dilemma is the bed...

i was seriously going to put it on craig's list and sell it. it's such a great's just too big! but if we get on finishing the basement, then i am still going to need a bed for the guest room that will then become available. so...i am now considering breaking the bed down and storing it and being brave about the basement subject again. i think it's what i want for christmas! yeah! that's all i want! okay, wish me luck. then, what has been done for school so year has been filed away. the office is re-organized and supplies inventoried. and that's about it. i need to read alot of material. i have not even started a calendar therefore i do not even have a 'starting' day. this is all not so me. i am dis-com-bobbled, as brother would say. some would also say: it's all good...well, this cannot be good for me.

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