too cool.


and that's all she needs...her sunglasses, her phone, her purse, her bracelet...simply missing a latte...that's my girl!

and speaking of cool...temps were much cooler today and we even got rain last night! while the rest of the county has had daily flash flood watches, we have had mere sprinkles here and there. it seems we got a descent precip late last night. a nice break.

avery had a play date today. she was so excited, of course. anything that includes a relational activity is exciting to avery. they played 'american dolls', and had a tea party and put on a play. all in a girls day. i was happy she got to get out like that for a while today. nothing like time with a girlfriend to lift ones spirits.

nothing exciting planned for the weekend. just hangin' out and being outdoors and continuing the de-clutter mode getting ready for the fall (i can't believe i just said that!)

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  1. Very cute wording and cute pic. Yes, a bit later she'll add car keys and that will truly be all she needs.