i am so undone! this new blog i stumbled upon is a showcase of some gorgeous photography...oh to be able to photo my little ones like this: audrey i know, i know....right camera, right classes, right style, right timing. all things i don't, i continue on my very amateur quest for great photos. now i am ashamed to put avery and gracie's photo out there for all to see...i'm so unworthy...

okay, i know, get over yourself. i think i am going to re-do avery's for sure as we both can do better, and her hair is much better.

enough of my photo whining....

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  1. Ok, this woman's pics look like the work of a professional. If she isn't she should be. She probably doesn't have 4 kids, homeschool, scrapbook etc.

    Get ideas, maybe take an online digital class.

    I think I am with you about A's shot. The hair is cut now no? Think that will do alot for her. When her hair is longer is makes her face look longer.

    Gracie's shot is very her. The freckles, the one dimple and the long eyelashes. Very nice.

    No "argh" .... just "ahhh". At least you have folks to take pictures of.