blogless in the springs


been a busy week. re-organizing the basement to ready for another academic year. building storage space in the garage. going to the water park. going to play dates. reading and studying for new lessons. buying supplies. praying. going to birthday parties. getting ready for the weekend: to work and to rest.
and today more of the same.

some recent layouts: fragile and garden of the gods


  1. I tried to link to your layouts but it did not work this time. I went down and linked from the Garden Mosiac so not sure. You might want to check them again.

    Nice picture to represent mug, Bible and your PC. And that's all YOU need no?

    You have a busy life. Does it bother you that you did not get to "nest" much this week?

  2. Very nice job on both the layouts. I can't read it all on Fragile even with glasses. Will be interested to see when I come.

    Great shots of the kids. How can a person look so cute in sunglasses as A? G with that one little dimple just shining. Seth serious as always. And then "little A" smiling away. Then we are looking cool under the rock.

    Thought I would look better in pics after losing all the weight. I need to learn to sit up more I guess.

    About the "squabble" ...wondered about that but then went on. A is not really a "squabbler" as you know. Probably only happened a couple of times in all these years. People like us need people like her. I don't mind a rousing round of debate or conversation every so often do you?