india seth.


seth is studying india if you cannot tell by the title. one of his "adventures" he chose to do for extra credit was to prepare some indian food. he searched and chose chicken kabobs with a soy sauce marinade; golden potatoes; fried cakes (not pictured). we did not look up the traditional names for these dishes, however there were some new spices to try. it was a very good meal. i think we will even add the kabobs to our menu for a future meal. it was fun. he enjoyed the process very much and was eager to share his cuisine with neighbor family members. the fried cakes, a traditional daily food usually consumed with tea, did not turn out so much. that would be the mom's fault. but, they children told me they loved i will just take the compliment and smile.

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  1. Interesting story here. Putting learning into action is a good thing. Who knows you might be developing the next Iron Chef.

    It looks like Seth's tooth is coming in more ... did you do the Ortho thing yet?