new skirt.


a new skirt. one of a couple i have recently picked up. in the mood to wear skirts for some reason. analise loves to wear her sundresses. she calls them her play dresses. avery is asking to wear skirts this then leads me to a new endeavor with my oldest daughter. she wants to learn to sew. so, this is the year for that! and we will sew her some skirts. we both are looking forward to this new learning curve. i mean i know how to sew, sort of...but i am eager to get a bit better and help my creative daughter pursue another opportunity to work with her hands.

this past week was another busy one: started studies for the new year. attended homeschool network meeting and looks like the LORD has given us all direction to go ahead and continue in the direction of equipping and edifying one another. had a birthday party to go to on saturday and so it was celebrated at the zoo. worked saturday night. avery had a friend over on saturday afternoon. seth went to a friends on saturday afternoon (a child swap). just living life! and i am blessed

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  1. Ok, where you taking this photo? It seems to be in a mirror but where?

    Your skirt looks nice and summery. Is it one of those you got a Kohls? I have been wearing dresses much of the summer myself.

    Interesting you mentioned all of the girls but Gracie. Does she not want to get into the dress and skirt mode like the others?

    Avery is SO your creative offspring. Sewing is a good winter activity. Get your pattern and material ready and when a big one hits you will be ready to start. It is a good way to teach her about math too...inches etc.

    I am glad that Seth is out with friends other than the boys. It is good for him I think.

    You have had a busy week. I hope this week is a good for you too.